35 years of experience in manufacture and processes optimization for molds production

More about us

Aware of the strong competitiveness of the worldwide market for machine tool production and bearing in mind the requirement for quality and commitment to efficiency and sustainability, Moldmak is the result of more than 35 years of experience, research and development in the manufacture of molds. In order to distinguish itself from the competition by creating even more efficient production solutions, at the technical and economic level, Moldmak comes to fill an absence of solutions in the market of mold’s intelligent production systems.

Since its start, the company integrates a team with extensive national and international experience and with demonstrated results in the sector. In fact, it was the dissatisfaction with the functional limitations of the machines used in the mold industry, which created the opportunity to develop a new business project.

Only with the accumulated experience of the team, the deep knowledge of the molds’ production process and the domain in the development of high precision CNC machines, it is possible to raise the bar of the current state of the art, establishing a new product of great impact in the sector.​

Mission, Values and Vision

Develop equipment with high technological incorporation that enhance the productive efficiency of our customers. Create value for our shareholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Innovation, Efficiency and Excellence

Moldmak aspires to be among the main players in the market and to be a reference of excellence in global terms, in the manufacture of CNC process machines for the mold industry and other segments of the metalworking industry.


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