Process Machines for Mold Making
Die & Mold Machining
Milling and Deep Hole Drilling


Moldmak INDEX 2000/3000 is a horizontal machining centre with 6 axis of high capacity, to execute molding areas and structures. With only 2 setups it can execute all necessary machining operations in the 6 faces of the part. It provides the use of deep hole drilling tools dedicated axis “W” with axis A and B. Rotary table interpolation capability to the linear axis (X,Y,Z).


Moldmak COMPACT HMC is a horizontal machining centre of high speed HSC of 6 continuous axis, to execute molding areas in parts up to 850Kg. Allows to work all 5 part faces in the same setup. Suitable for machining inserts and moving elements made of high hardness steels. It provides the use of deep hole drilling tools with dedicated “W”. The machine can be equipped with palletizing system and automatic tool change.


Moldmak Express 1250/2500 is suitable for deep hole drilling and milling for the mold sector. It has a structure entirely in cast steel with stress relief heat treatment and with strong internal ribs using advanced software with finite element analysis (FEA), so it is possible to reduce the torsion and vibration effects caused by the forces of the processes of machining and optimize thermal stability, rigidity and dimensional accuracy.

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