Our Partners

We rely on our worldwide partners to assist and develop the relationship between Moldmak and our clients.

From Portugal to the World

Gamba Giovanni Srl is a benchmark in the machine tools trading since the 50s.

We trade in Italy as all over the world machine tools of the best manufacturers. The proximity to the functional and technological matters of the production processes led us through a successful approach in the used machine tools trading, fully understanding the needs of the end users.

The deep knowledge of the products and the markets in the machine tools industry, allows us to respond effectively to the needs of our customers, more and more efficiency oriented in their production processes.

Headquarter and Warehouse 1
Via Artigiani, 32 – 25063
Gardone V.T. Brescia – Italia

Warehouse 2
Via Caduti del Lavoro, 41 – 25030
Coccaglio Brescia – Italia

+39 030 831096
+39 030 8913312

ALLROUND MACHINERY B.V. stands for quality service in metalworking machinery.

The company is focused on service for metalworking, specialising in modern CNC machines.

They offer installation service, instruction, maintenance and necessary adjustments.

Dorpsstraat 103A, 3881 BC Putten, NL

ARI MAKINA supplies conventional and CNC controlled machine tools for industry. The products they supply are derived from their own import, and they have a team for installation and maintenance.

The mission of the company, aims to provide CNC machine tools, durable for the Turkish market according to the goals and budgets of their customers.

They constantly seek technological innovations and high quality in order to position themselves among the leading companies in the industry in the future.

Abdi İpekçi Caddesi 1.Emintaş Sanayi Sitesi No:74

104-106 34040 Bayrampaşa / İSTANBUL

Contacto: +90 (212) 577 60 41

PBR Automation Company is created by people with passion, education and experience in implementing machines and automation for high efficient production processes.

Apart from building highly specialised machines and devices, we deal with machine tools’ services, thus we are the experts that can provide comprehensive support to our customers to maximize their values.

ul. Słoneczna 11

63-006 Zimin

+48 602 607 552
+48 791 118 211

In Brescia, into the panorama connected with the manufacture of iron and metals, the name Bentivoglio already appeared in 1911. Over the years, the following generations have continued to expand their products, without ever change them.

Prerogative of Bentivoglio Make & Trade, for both the sectors new and used, is the chips removal. However in our premise, especially among the used machines, you can easily find machine tools for molding or for sheet metal forming.

Bentivoglio Make & Trade s.r.l
Via San Donato, 32
25038 Rovato (Brescia / Italia)

The company CNC-INAXES s.r.o. focuses on the sale and service of new CNC machine tools. It represents selected manufacturers of CNC machine tools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Thanks to many years of experience in selling machine tools, they can offer customers the most suitable machining solutions for their applications.

Nádražní 219, 549 01 Nové Město nad Metují, Czechia

+420 737 876 111

CNCMOVE stands out for its technical expertise in solving its customers’ problems thus gaining their trust.

The company has a component of maintenance and optimization of CNC machines, allowing more efficiency, reduction of breakages and increased availability of CNC machines.

Rua Carlos Willy Boehm, 1104 – Costa e Silva, Joinville – SC,
89218-325, Brasil

+55 47 3026-1015


MOLDMAK has expanded its network of activities to the INDIAN market.

+91 9884474420

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