Moldmak Index

INDEX 2000/3000

Horizontal Machining Centre with Deep Hole Drilling

Technical Data
Machine Cover

Complete cover round the machine with sliding doors.

Easy access to operator’s working area.

All peripherals within the machine.

Wide workpiece entry when transported with crane.

Torque S1
Torque S6
36/54 kW
298,4 Nm
612 Nm
ISO BT50 69871-A/HSK100
Table measure
Centred max load
Table speed
d1000 plane operation precision
Movement precision
2.000x2.000 mm
26.000 Kg
4,2/6,7 rpm
≤ 0.015 mm​
≤ 0.015 mm​
Foundry Structure - 40 ton
Emulsion Tank - 3000 + 2.000 Lts
High pressure pump - 100 bar; 100 L/min
Direct drive axis - 20 m/min
DAPI - Process control
Geometric validation of the part
Process/Productivity Monitoring
ATC - up to 200 tools
Tool measuring - longitude and diameter
Electrical cabinet cooling

6 IN 1

INDEX it is a process machine that integrates a multi capacity equipment: Milling, end milling, drilling, tapping, deep hole drilling and CMM. Its robust design of the horizontal cutting head allows high performance milling and drilling angular operations, specially designed to make molds. In fact, MOLDMAK incorporates an additional dimensional control capability of the machining process.

With the IDC (Interim Dimensional Control), we can define a quality control of execution throughout the process, ensuring that we only advance from one stage to another, when the part is in accordance with what is planned.

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