Process machine for mold making


The Concept

Moldmak focuses its activity on the design / development, production and commercialization of Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines to optimize the production process in the mold manufacturing sector.

Moldmak's developed equipment main advantage comes from its multi-task capacity to do big millings, end-millings, drilling, tapping and deep hole drilling (gun drill & STS) and CMM (coordinate measuring machine). This allows to accomplish all mold's milling and quality needs with only two setups.

The combination of a wide angular capacity wiht a rotary table, allows extrememe flexibility to reach all usual milling constrains areas.

Moldmak offers last generation CNC digital servo controllers, with software applications that allows to monitor in detail and manage the production KPI's, antecipating events and analysing process trends, with full compliance of Industry 4.0.

Big Milling Machine
Cordinate Measuring Machine
Drilling Machine
3+2 Milling Machine
Tapping Machine
Boring Machine