The Concept

Moldmak focuses its activity on the design / development, production and commercialization of Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines to optimize the production process in the mold manufacturing sector.

Moldmak’s developed equipment main advantage comes from its multi-task capacity to do big millings, end-millings, drilling, tapping and deep hole drilling (gun drill & STS) and CMM (coordinate measuring machine). This allows to accomplish all mold’s milling and quality needs with only two setups.

The combination of a wide angular capacity with a rotary table, allows the machine to mill and drill in areas that are usually difficult to reach in the mold/part.

Moldmak offers last generation CNC digital servo controllers, with software applications that allows to monitor in detail and manage the production KPI’s, antecipating events and analysing process trends, with full compliance of Industry 4.0.


Multitasking capability enables it to respond effectively to the needs of various machining operations

Rotary Table

The rotary table allows machining all around the part with the same setup

Angular capacity of Spindle - A axis

The angular capacity with the rotary table ability allows machining with shorter tools

High Stiffness

Extremely robust and vibration free structure, helps to reduce tool wear

Commitment to mold machining process

Since its start, the company integrates a team with extensive national and international experience and with demonstrated results in the sector. In fact, it was the dissatisfaction with the functional limitations of the machines used in the mold industry, which created the opportunity to develop a new business project.

35 years of experience in manufacture and processes optimization for molds production

Aware of the strong competitiveness of the worldwide market for machine tool production and bearing in mind the requirement for quality and commitment to efficiency and sustainability, Moldmak is the result of more than 35 years of experience, research and development in the manufacture of molds. In order to distinguish itself from the competition by creating even more efficient production solutions, at the technical and economic level, Moldmak comes to fill an absence of solutions in the market of mold’s intelligent production systems.

Golden Partners

MOLDMAK is 30% faster than conventional solutions:

• It reduces hand overs and setup times, leaving more available time to perform the multiple machining processes required for part execution.
• It shortens execution times due to the advantages of being a horizontal Spindle machine with vertical angular capacity and table rotations on the horizontal plane;
• Reduces cascade of nonconformities, because it can include at the end of each task dimensional control. This way, only one geometrically validated part advances to the next step or process.

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